The Technology

UV curing Dry-offset printer of plastic and metal closures

The PCDL is a compact high speed and quality UV dry offset side decoration line for plastic and aluminum closures.

The machine can run up to 300 long closures per minute, be equipped with up to 6 UV inking units plus overvanishing unit. Pre-printing option with conventional UV or LED UV curing is suitable for base coating or pre-printing of any specific color, for example heavy white, providing fast and high energy saving printing process.

Your Benefits

  •  Compact and high energy saving solution
  •  Pre-printing option allows to printer to lay-down spot white color in near perfect   register with the image on dark or black objects, drastically improving image   contrast
  •  Gloss and resistant UV inks with high quality printing result
  •  The open machine design ensures a clear view of the printing process, easy   access and fast and simple size part change
  •  Final product can be handled immediately
  •  Ideal for the challenging printing demands of emerging wine and traditional   liquor/spirits market

Meet the PCDL

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Technical Data

Closure Diameter range25 – 40 mm
Closure Length25 – 62 mm
Speed up to300 cpm

Note: Other diameter or lenght on request