The Technology

Dry offset printing up to 400 caps / minute

The MCDL is benpac packaging’s high quality solution for side decoration of  aluminum caps. Offering degreasing, base coating, and up to six color printing plus over-varnishing and two levels of speed, 270 caps/min. and 400 caps/min.


This machine has fast become the standard for metal cap manufacturers around the world. Ideal for the challenging printing demands of the emerging wine markets and traditional liquor/spirits markets.

Your Benefits
  • Decoration of long or extra-long caps possible
  • Ideal for wine markets and traditional liquor/spirits markets

Technical Data

Closure Diameter 25 – 40 mm 25 – 40 mm
Closure Length 35 – 62 mm 35 – 62 mm
Speed up to 270 cpm 400 cpm

Note: Other diameter or lenght on request

Meet the MCDL