benpac – New: Low and medium power plants in metal packaging!

As part of its strategic alignment, benpac has decided to establish the development and construction of small and medium capacity systems at its Baden-Baden site. This will give benpac an enormous added value, as benpac can now offer complete systems from the production of the packaging to the palletized product, the entire value chain.

In the new plant in Baden-Baden, benpac will produce systems from 80 -160 units/minute, in Rayong/Thailand, benpac will build the traditional systems from 160 – 250 units/minute.

This focus, combined with the steps printing, filling, packaging and palletizing (all from benpac) will give benpac a special position in the market, which will be unique. This clear focus brings benpac from the Bundesliga to the Champions League and represents a clear USP compared to the competition. The entire value creation from one house!

We will publish further information in the course of March 2023 as part of the customer information.

benpac – innovation is our promise!

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